GM Risk Group is a specialist intelligence and protective services firm with entities in Australia, Netherlands and The United States.

Our management team has a century of combined operational experience with a diverse range of skillsets. Our staff backgrounds also range from undercover Policing, Private Inquiry Agents, domestic and foreign Military including Special Forces, Combat Medics, Paramedics and Private Security Contractors. Our global network of industry professionals allows us to build teams with specific skillsets to achieve task or client objectives.


The foundation of what we do is built around trust, and integrity, and we ensure that this underpins all of our operations. GM Risk Group’s global footprint and vast experience in the government and private sectors demonstrates a proven capability and a network that reaches from major capital cities, through to access to the most challenging and remote environments around the world.

What We Do

Leveraging our strategic planning, project management, operations and logistical experience we ensure that high level service standards are delivered and maintained. We manage all facets from the initial assessment, right through to the development and overall execution of the task on the ground.

GM Risk Group designs integrated systems, drafting of operating procedures, and provision of client training. Our intelligence-led approach to threat mitigation entails complete operational oversight, tracking, communications, and medical emergency management; facilitating our clients’ operations in complex, high-risk, and conflict zones around the globe.

With dedicated Team Leaders, Project and Operations Managers, we design, draft, and implement control measures to mitigate threats and control the level of risk. This is achieved through bespoke planning, emergency procedures, and policies building organisational resilience. 

Our operational management staff work alongside our field teams providing additional layers of support and oversight for personnel in complex environments. This may include covert physical intelligence operatives, medics and protection teams, ensuring compliance with all related policies, standards and regulations.

The combined experience of GM Risk Group’s global network of industry experts, our embedded technology, and our tracking and analytical risk management and intelligence systems form the foundations of our unrivalled intelligence solutions and high-risk consultancy solution.

Global Operations

GM Risk Group is an Internationally established organisation with a global footprint. Maintaining offices on multiple continents enables us to not only provide risk management and business solutions across various complex, high threat and emerging markets but have up to date insights
and intelligence to different areas of operation.