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Intelligence Solutions & High Risk Consultancy

GM Risk Group is a leading provider of risk management and strategic threat mitigation solutions. Our team of experts, which includes Military Veterans, Special Forces, Paramedics, Intelligence and Private Security Professionals, has extensive real-world global experience.

We deliver client focused, holistic and task-specific solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

"Proven capability that reaches from major capital cities to some of the most complex and austere environments around the world"


Solutions focused

As a company GM Risk Group has delivered services for its clientele in over 50 countries around the world. Each of the countries present unique cultural, economic, political, geographical, and at times challenging environments to navigate.


GM Risk Group have proven capabilities in covert operations, close personal protection, high-risk consultancy and emergency management in active conflict zones, to corporate advisory and family office executive protection in luxury destinations globally.


Not limited to


GM Risk Group currently provides its services both to Government and NGO’s, high profile and net worth individuals, executives and their extended families, multinational corporate, mining and resources companies, film, sports, journalists, and media organisations.

Red Five

"I truly appreciate your professionalism, responsiveness to questions and calls, and your ability to adapt to what was a rapidly changing detail. I believe all parties involved were very happy and impressed by the

Sunday Night

Seven West Media

"We've engaged GM Risk Group on every occasion because they are the best. Highly organised, super professional, and well connected. Put simply, they're the type of people you would trust with your life."

The Sydney Morning Hearld

"We had employed another company to facilitate the task, after days of waiting to get in country, we contacted GM Risk Group to see if they could assist.
Within 24 hours we were met by a GMRG operative and escorted to and over the border into Northern Syria."

"Our team and extended network's global experience provides our client's with access and freedom of movement in any operational environment"



To find out more information about who we are, what we do, or on any of our services please get in touch to speak with a consultant and see how GM Risk Group can support you or your companies operations.

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