GM Risk Group (GMRG) provides threat mitigation and risk management solutions for a variety of mid to large global entities and high-net-worth individuals. Delivering a broad range of services, our expert staff have real-time experience working in some of the most complex and hostile environments around the world.

Through our operations center, GMRG delivers our clients real-time information, with real-world control measures and mitigation strategies utilizing open-source intelligence, in-country assets, and intelligence advance teams. This approach allows GMRG to give up to date and vetted threat assessments and risk management solutions empowering our clients to make informed decisions and the ability to go about their day-to-day activities, knowing that their protection and best interests are at the forefront of our attention.

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Threat Assessments
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Risk Assessments
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Journalist Security Specialists
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Film & Production Safety Assessments
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Security Consulting Services



Real-time GPS tracking, communications, intelligence, project management, and incident response.

Real-time open-source intelligence (OSINT), 24/7 global positioning, tracking via cellular and GPS networks, GM risk Group (GMRG)  communications system transmit duress alerts, two-way communication and provide our in-house operations management team with up-to-date information in support of our clients and teams in the field.

GMRG provides facilitation and operational support of risk management, logistics, communications, emergency medical, and incident response capabilities.

GMRG is a tested and proven global travel risk management and operational overwatch provider that allows client access to remote, complex and hostile regions around the world that otherwise would not be achievable.


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Country and Region-Specific Risk Analysis
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Real-Time GPS Tracking, Communications and OSINT
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Counter Drone Technology
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Global Logistics
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Emergency Incident Plans



Corporate intelligence, cybersecurity, infrastructure, integrated systems, and critical incident management teams.

With GM Risk Groups (GMRG) intelligence-led approach to organisational resilience, GMRG designs fortified integrated solutions to establish secure, robust, and scalable solutions for client’s critical infrastructure, cyber and information security, and critical incident management teams (CIMT).

Initial drafting to implementation of processes and policies coupled with ongoing training and support of staff, GMRG provides cybersecurity awareness, emergency response and critical incident management training solutions. The holistic approach ensures there are rehearsed responses and clear procedures for early identification of breeches, and the capability to mitigate and minimise disruptions or impact on safety and productivity with the outcome-focused on returning to business as usual (BaU).



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Cyber Security

Cyber health checks and cybersecurity penetration testing.

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Corporate Intelligence

Open source intelligence (OSINT) physical surveillance, factual and post incident investigations.

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Fortified Integration Solutions

Integration of electronic and automated technology with building infrastructure design.

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Critical Incident Management Team

Designing of the required framework to effectively and efficiently respond to and manage critical incidents.



Emergency first aid, Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), & bespoke client-specific courses.  Counter surveillance, intelligence, executive, and close personal protection.


GM Risk Group (GMRG) is a leading and recognised specialist training provider. We deliver a range of emergency preparedness and response training programs, bespoke client courses, hostile environment awareness training (HEAT) and red team desktop scenarios for critical incident response teams (CIMT).

Our training is based on real-world experience and focusses on empowering our clients with the ability to early detection and rehearsed response capabilities to implement lifesaving interventions if presented with a real work incident.


Protective Services

Real-time intelligence, 24/7 global positioning, tracking via cellular and GPS networks, and communication systems provides our in-house intelligence unit with up-to-date information ability to support of our executive or high-net-worth client’s close protection teams.

Depending on the task at hand GMRG’s ability to either blend into a crowd with proximity cover or provide highly visible physical deterrents, our close personal protection and security driving team are all highly experienced and medical first responders with diverse backgrounds in Military, Police, intelligence agencies and private security contracting.

Protective Services

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Covert surveillance & intelligence
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Executive & close personal protection (EP/CPP)
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Real-time GPS tracking, communications and OSINT
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Tailored client-specific solutions
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Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT)

Training Solutions Delivered

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Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
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Domestic Journalism – Field Security & Safety
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Urban Critical Casualty Care (UCCC)
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Emergency Preparedness
Active Armed Offender icon
Active Armed Offender
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Client Specific Bespoke Courses
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Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT)




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