Media security and logistics is an interesting and ever-evolving field to be involved in. News and documentary teams are constantly pushing the boundaries in brilliantly artistic and engaging ways. Drone technology has also enhanced the ability of cameramen to acquire that perfect shot. The focus of the general population on socially driven and visually based entertainment has also helped shape the format of news reporting today. Global Media Risk is privileged to be involved in this exciting industry and providing services which allow our clients to report on stories that matter.

Global Media Risk pride ourselves on our ability to work seamlessly with our clients during productions because we understand our client’s role and requirements at ground level. Unique to the industry, our staff are trained in basic production techniques such as SNG and LiveU set-up, lighting, audio, talent coordination, intelligence vetting, and various other aspects of news and documentary production. This training allows our staff to balance our own aims of providing security and logistics with our client’s aims of developing a dynamic and engaging production. Global Media Risk utilises our global fluency and international presence to provide optimised services for products of all compositions to choice locations around the world, simplifying production management and logistics for our clients.

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