Percentage of Cyber Crime Damage to the World's Economy


Percentage of Companies who were victims of cyber crime

Mean Number of Days to resolve a cyber attack at a cost of $21,155 per day.


Small Businesses are more at risk of cyber attacks.



Security is important at any stage of a company’s life-cycle. As a company starts to scale, however, security becomes absolutely essential. Gaining significant traction, international growth, raising capital, these are all triggers that draw attention and will draw people to test a company’s security.

Whether it’s your company, a company you’re considering doing business with, or a company you’re considering investing in, GM Risk Group delivers innovative, customizable, and comprehensive cyber security packages specifically designed for Australian start-ups and SMBs.

What We Do

Penetration Testing

GM Risk Group’s packages incorporate all standard penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services for Web, IOS, and Android platforms and applications including the added benefit of development of custom exploits, credentialed penetration testing across all platforms, and detailed reports with findings and risk mitagtion recommendations.

Cyber Health

GM Risk Group also offers customised cyber health checks for ASX listed enterprises.

Penetration tests are a requirement for meeting regulations such as PCI DSS, ISM, SOX, and HIPAA

Cyber Security Training and Assessment

GMRisk Group offers a market-leading training program designed to mitigate the main weakness in every organisation’s Cyber Security plan; their staff’s knowledge and capabilities. This can be combined with a tailorable Cyber Security Assessment platform to analyse your organisation’s knowledge and capabilities in protecting data assets.

Delivering Results

The GM Risk Group Security Seal is awarded to those companies that have successfully passed these test suites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Security Threats are increasing exponentially in sophistication, intensity, diversity and volume.  Our cyber security experts can help you’re organisation prepare itself against cyber attack.

We have prepared several FAQs about our cyber security services.

Why does my business need cyber security services?
A cyber breach can massively affect your bottom line. The mean number of days to resolve cyber-attacks is 46 with an average cost of $21,155 per day – or a total cost of $973,130 over the 46-day remediation period
What is different about GM Risk Group’s services?
In conjunction with various CTOs and cyber security experts from around the world, our services are designed as a “one stop shop” for businesses who require a cyber health check. GM Risk Group’s cyber security services are a customizable solution for all your business requirements.
How long does Cyber Health Check take?
Approximately one business week, including one day for reporting. There will be no disruption to the business during this time.
Can we use your cyber security services for due diligence on a potential investment?
A security breach can affect not only the target organization but also their associated clients, partners and investors. Many of our clients are investment firms and venture capitalists who use our cyber security health check services as a form of due diligence on potential investments.

Want To Know How We Can Help You?

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